Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bralalalala: "Obviously, transgender and women's rights are easier spoken in a belief for then they are in fact acted upon, by some.." 15 year long Elton John Drummer Charlie Morgan, who has played with some other acts as well, including Gary Moore for the heavier side of music, had a falling out with Bralalalala after discussions about playing on Bralalalala's next CD when the two argued via facebook about the role his girlfriend Melanie Vandegrift, (who had read a libel website created about Bralalalala by Spider Man, Iron Man supervising art director David Klassen and his girlfriend Yolanda Marsili) had been playing in the discussion. Vandegrift came to a swift conclusion about Bralalalala "based on things she had read about Bralalalala," that she was suddenly "a sick person." Klassen is involved in a sexual battery case wherein Bralalalala is suing him for assault, and libel after his criminal investigation for the sexual assault. Melanies facebook correspondence was initiated with Bra, after Bra and Charlie talked about playing music together. Her first message was this: 1-Melanie Vandegrift Hiya! Good friends with mutual friend, Charlie Morgan. Saw some of your comments and statements, amen! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Thanks for friending me ;-) Melanie After much friendliness in between for many weeks..her last message was this: 2-Melanie Vandegrift I am removing you, deliberately this time. I don't want you on my FB. Please refrain from flooding me with emails, they will only be deleted and not read. You are a sick person, I've read alot about you. What a waste of space. The correspondance from Charlie started like this: 1-Charlie Morgan Hi.... Hi there, you were recommended to me by Rene' McCurry and Stephen Tyler Davis, who met you recently in New York. Love your look! (separate follow up message) heheheh. Yeah, well, one does what one needs to, in order to survive, y'know? I'm fascinated by all the attention regarding your 'look' - isn't it funny? After all, it's only clothing. But people like to point fingers at what's "diferent" or " unknown" and say: "WRONG!" So any good publicity regarding such things is a step in the right direction. 2-Bralalalala, "would love to have a great caliber drummer groovin with me, so run some ideas by me if you like, and I'll see what I can come up with.. 3-Charlie Morgan that could be a possibility. I'll work on it. meanwhile, I'm tracking Mexican ballads! Urgh! So, while Morgan was "working on it," his girlfriend started texting Bra on facebook. Morgan, like Elton, it should be noted, has played with musicians via reference before. So, after much difficulty with his girlfriend Bra attempted to solicit a repsonse to the problem, not fully realizing who Melanie Vandegrift was to him exactly as of yet. To no avail, Bra tried again months later, and received back the following replies from Charlie: 1-Charlie Morgan You probably need to know that she's (Melanie) my girlfriend before you loose another barrage. I'm sorry if you are having a hard time but your comments are quite subjective and also rather insulting. After explaining to Charlie that the comments about his girlfriend were factual..that she read a libelous site about Bralalalala..and by not investigating it..she went on attack against a sexual assault victim libeled by her predator, instead of aiding the vicitm, thereby only aiding Bra's predator in his goals by refusing to learn how to read, Charlie responded in this final manner: 2- Literacy & libel are two utterly different things. Careful what you say. You are also straying into the potential for libelous actions. Right now your stream of invective is merely abusive. Your troubles are yours & yours alone. You are imposing them on me & Melanie. That is unfair. I do not impose my woes upon you, or indeed anyone else, for that matter. Worth remembering. As I said, I wish you luck in achieving peace & happiness.